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The TruStep Advantage

Combat Ready.  Doctor Approved.  

The military uses it to save a life.  Doctors use it to improve the quality of a life.  HPPE - High Performance Polyethylene.  The advanced materials found in every bulletproof jacket as well as total knee, hip, and spinal disc replacements.  And in every pair of TruStep KR3® Foot Correctors.  It works for our troops.  It works for our doctors.  It will work for you. 

Success Stories

Advanced Materials. Advanced Relief.

Improving quality of life is what TruStep is all about.  And the same advanced materials found in TruStep can be found in ultra high performance racing sails, rigging, snowboards, hockey sticks, sports protective armor, and helmets to name a few.  In fact, any high performance product that requires unmatched strength to weight ratio benefits from these same materials.  These same polymers used in TruStep KR3 are actually 6 times stronger than steel!  No wonder why TruStep is the only foot corrector that comes with a Lifetime Warranty.  For your advanced pain, trust the #1 foot corrector on the market.  Experience The TruStep Advantage.

Success Stories

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