Success Stories

Whether at work or at play, TruStep keeps you free from pain in your feet, knees, hips, and back.   

Who Uses TruStep? 


Your doctor. Your mail carrier.  Your mechanic.  Just a few who wear TruStep every day.  The pilot.  The construction worker.  The teacher. Just a few who would never leave home without TruStep in their shoes. TruStep lets you work without pain.  But we know life is not all about work.  Walk longer.  Run further. 

So who uses TruStep?  People just like you.  At work or at play. 


The Golfer.

TruStep puts your body in balance by supporting you naturally over your arches. Now that you have better balance and can control your center of gravity, a cleaner, natural swing is achieved.  The pros agree.  The game starts and ends with proper balance.  Get in control of your game.  

Try TruStep today and experience the player's edge.

The Runner. The Walker.

Asphalt and concrete are not surfaces the feet were designed to walk upon, never mind run on.  TruStep gives you back the natural function of our feet, having our arches support bone structure and taking us off the bones of our heels and the balls of our feet.  Walk longer.  Run further. Naturally, with TruStep.  

The Tennis Player.

Tennis can be difficult on the joints of the ankles, knees, and hips due to the constant change of direction.  TruStep provides proper support of our arches, taking you off your heels and the balls of your feet.  Better control.  Less pain.  Play another match.  You can with TruStep.